Easy to pronounce worldwide, the name of our association was born to a beautiful synergy combining the old French verb « recorder » with the Spanish « remember » and the English word for the instrument the association wishes to promote.

RECORDARA, whose members are volunteers, is a non-profit-making association. As a result of the issues recorder players have to cope with, the idea of an association had made its way in our president’s heart and mind for twelve years before RECORDARA was set up, in 2015.
Catherine FRANCO, RECORDARA’s president, wished to shed light on the extraordinary heritage and the amazing beauty of the recorder, when it is played by high-talented musicians.

In the last three editions of its festival, RECORDARA has supported a violin player, a young singer and a viola player. It has offered a small music academy early music records. It has purchased two recorders and lent them to young musicians. RECORDARA has invited people who would never have thought of attending an early music festival – or would never have dared to do so. It has offered a tenor recorder to a music academy and enabled young musicians to study. Passing on knowledge to young musicians and supporting them are definitely RECORDARA’s core values.