The fourth edition of the Early Music Festival :

“The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe”


The price of tickets is reduced if you buy them online from the site below.

Online ticketing will be available below in the summer.

You can pay by Credit Card


Payment by check is not accepted

we advise you to arrive sufficiently in advance for the ticket control.


The price is lower if you buy your tickets below on the internet rather than at the

physical counter

  • You may use cash but €200 and €500 notes will not be accepted.
  • You will also be able to buy tickets with an international credit card.
  • Payment by check is not accepted
  • In order to count the spectators, any event, even free, requires a ticket.
  • Paying concerts, conferences and master-classes will give you free access to the exhibition hall, the intermèdes and the Concertini.

Tickets are nontransferable and not refundable.

In the event of partial or total cancellation of the show / festival decided by the Prefect due to the pandemic, you can choose between transforming your purchase into a donation to the RECORDARA association or reimbursing your unused tickets.

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Here is a summary of the ticket prices at the physical ticket office

ANY QUESTION ? CALL : +33 6 61 70 59 19


As sanitary rules evolve rapidly, the instructions may be updated before the Festival. This article will be updated if necessary.


The special rates «PASS concerts» and «Group Rates» apply automatically when the quota is reached and the names of the participants are registered.