The International Early Music Festival :

“The Recorders Polyfolies and its Universe” 2019

We are justified into saying that the 2019 International Early Music Festival « The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe » has been a success, thanks to the support of all those who have taken part in this first edition.

Florence Malgoire, Arnaud pumir, Grégoire Franco

A large audience has enjoyed the beauty of the place, the organisation, the amazing programme, the very pleasant atmosphere and the kindness that prevailed in this exceptional festival. Many people have had an opportunity to be more familiar with the recorder, a very moving and subtle instrument !

recorder exhibitor

Florence Malgoire, Arnaud Pumir

The exhibitors have expressed their satisfaction about this first edition and their wish to take part in the second one, thinking it has all the qualities required to be a prestigious international festival.

Marine Sablonnière, Aurélien Delage, Julien Martin

Aurélien Delage, Maurice Steger

Very well-known musicians, who give concerts worldwide, have been kind enough to have faith in the project and take part in the Festival, in spite of their numerous committments. Among them, we would like to thank violin player Florence Malgoire, the patroness of the first edition, recorder players Marine Sablonière, Maurice Steger and Julien Martin, harpsichord players Aurélien Delage and Arnaud Pumir.

Arnaud Pumir, Anais Benito Castello, Simine Franco, Grégoire Franco : La Camerata Chiara

La Camerata Chiara, a young ensemble from the prestigious Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, has been able to share its projects with the audience, along with harpsichord player Arnaud Pumir and a young violin player who studies sciences at Saint Stanislas High School.
All those musicians are very happy to have taken part in this event that aims at supporting poor young musicians. They have enjoyed sharing their love for music with the audience and are also grateful for being welcome in this very promising festival.


Everybody has enjoyed the opportunity of taking part in a festival that takes place in the beautiful Saint Stanislas Chapel, which is part of the national heritage.

Visitors, exhibitors and musicians have appreciated being in the city center, which enabled them to visit the city and do some shopping. Some of them have told us they would take advantage of the second edition to spend a week in the area.


The opportunity of having, next to the exhibition hall, drinks and snacks -all day- and good quality for price lunches has been a good asset for the festival, even though other restaurants in Nantes have been appreciated too.


The young ISG students who have worked as volunteers for the festival have enjoyed their experience. Since one of RECORDARA’s main aims is to make the recorder better known, those students have been invited to attend concerts. Their feed-back is very positive because they have discovered a music they were not familiar with. They have been particularly impressed and moved by the performances of the Camerata Chiara.

exhibitors 2

Several music teachers from French or foreign academies have loved the concerts and considered the concept very interesting. Some of their students have come to meet makers and talk with them.

Many recorder teachers have been very impressed to see RECORDARA had been able to set up an event they had always dreamt of. Deeply moved, they think such a festival, a great opportunity for their students and themselves, will shed light on their work.


The event has given a local recorder player –who has been working for the promotion of this wonderful instrument for years- the strength to officially set up his own orchestra, with teachers and students from the west of France.

Anais Benito Castello

The success of this first edition enables RECORDARA to support a young musician from a financial point of view. This highly talented and humane singer and viola player will keep on studying in her prestigious academy.
In the same way, RECORDARA is very proud to have been able to purchase a recorder from one of the exhibitors.

Thanks to everybody’s efforts and generosity, we can comply with our committments and support talented people who need help. This is at the core of our action.


The lectures, given par by specialists, have been very much appreciated, just as the workshops, where a few people have gathered to talk about topics connected with music.

In the second edition, a workshop will be aimed at children to make them know more about the early music recorder.