The RECORDARA association has just finished 2020 edition brimming with beauty and emotions. We were overjoyed to share this wonderful event with many people of all ages and backgrounds.  The spectators were won over as much by the excellence of the makers of the ancient instruments that attended. All were able to admire and listen to the work of the true craftspeople behind these intricate instruments. Their presence deeply touched us. Thank you to all these great artists!

What a joy for the instrument makers to be able to meet and talk to one another at long last!

Everyone could admire the magnificent harpsichords made and lent by Arnaud Pumir during the concerts as well as the superb music stands of Sophie CLAVEL.

Under the impetus of Sylvie Demay, the impromptu musical moments that took place in the exhibition space of the instrument makers throughout the salon were a great success. Thank you Sylvie for directing these concertinos with such brio!

Marine BARRAUD, whose osteopath practice is situated at Chantenay, offered an oasis of well-being graciously to the musicians, instrument makers and the volunteers who felt the need for it throughout the salon.

The head of catering, Florian GAUDIN, and his team were able to look after us with kindness and taste, despite the strict constraints that they worked under due to the health rules. Thank you also to Bérangère for her availability.

Les superbes clichés des photographes bénévoles de l’Atelier Photographie de Lolayo (Aimé, Aude, Lucile, Mariette et Thierry) – qui nous ont fait la joie de partager ce salon de la survie – réjouissent le public et tous les participants du Salon International de Musique Ancienne « Les Polyfolies de la Flûte à bec et son Univers » :

The essential involvement of all the volunteers (Estelle, Véronique, Stéphanie, Matthieu), Léa (student at Lycée Saint-Stanislas), Arnaud, Sylvie, Madge, Grégoire, Tommaso, Sylvain, Catherine and Eric, as well as the energetic and kind support of students from ISG Nantes, all enabled the salon to take place successfully.

We mustn’t forget Françoise, Marie-Christine, Marie-Béatrice, Françoise, Pia and Luc who very generously and warmly welcomed musicians into their families.

The concert of the Atlantic Recorder Orchestra, a young amateur orchestra directed by several teachers from the region that was put together following two courses that have nothing to do with the festival followed by an orchestra workshop during the first edition of the International Early Music Festival ‘‘The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe’ was a lovely moment. Bravo and all the best to this orchestra!

The learned but accessible conferences given by Laurence POTTIER provided a pleasant way for the auditorium to learn more and the workshop for discovering kurdish percussion instruments enabled Baryam VARSACK to take the participants on a joyous journey.

Even though they have all been heavily impacted by the health situation, the musicians provided us with some magnificent concerts whose notes and soul are still with us even now. These sublime sound waves travelled through us, questioned us, shook us up, regenerated us and unified us.

The experience of a concert combined with storytelling was a real success with an auditorium that was captivated by the narrative and music that Marion Fermé unfolded with such passion.

The soft and distant perfumes of Carine MORETTON’s recorder with the delicate harpsichord of Arnaud PUMIR, the incredible voice of Sylvie DEMAY, the utterly precise and sophisticated playing of Flore SEUBE took us far away to follow in the footsteps of Italian lovers.

A young group La CAMERATA CHIARA (Morag Johnston, violin, Grégoire Franco, recorder, Tommaso Sandri, traverso flute) amazed us with the originality and the richness of their programme as well as the beauty of their intepretation. We were truly fortunate with the astonishing Philippe GRISVARD on harpsichord and the tremendously skilled and internationally reputed, Sabrina FREY who plays with such talent and generosity! She shone a ray of sun on the festival, where each of us could recognise her incredible teaching skills during her Master-classes and her attentive and benevolent attitude towards these young talented musicians. She spent a long time talking with them and providing them with precious advice regarding the next steps in their education. The remarkable role played by Sabrina Frey in two concerts with the young group contributes to building a bridge between generations and this is truly important for RECORDARA.

In a spirit of sharing that we want to emphasise, the La CAMERATA CHIARA ensemble wished to invite an amateur musician, for a second time. This time it was Madge Martin. This is another connection which our association values!

Masterclasses Sabrina Frey

The marvelous Résonances ensemble provided us with a superb final concert in which / where the sumptuous playing brilliantly highlighted the incredible virtousity of the recorder and all the rich benefits of this shared experience. The art of the consort comprising Julien MARTIN, Evolène KIENERMarine SABLONNIERE, Benoît TOÏGO and the incredible Pierre BORAGNO on recorder took us to a delicate and beautiful universe.

Thank you for taking care of ‘The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe’ and thank you for your friendship

Ending the festival by presenting the first recorder of the association – a super 415  Bressan voice flute made from viburnum lentago by the talented instrument maker Etienne HOLMBLAT was the high point of this salon. La CAMERATA CHIARA, who have been putting the instrument through its paces, experienced all its qualities and its strengths during the concerts throughout the festival.

Last of all, this event was a true success thanks to the loyal, fraternal and generous welcome from the Saint-Stanislas school in Nantes!

The association RECORDARA thanks the Director of this prestigious establishment, Thierre Bougère, as well as the associations, the pastoral team and all the staff at Saint-Stanislas for the trust that they have bestowed upon The International Salon of Early Music: ‘The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its universe’

The international dimension of Saint-Stanislas is a good fit for the open approach that RECORDARA wants to provide to this salon, we have shared desire for combining excellence with benevolence and remaining open to others. The loyalty and trust that Saint-Stanislas bestowed upon us this year, is particularly moving given the very particular context that is affecting all of us. Drawing on its long history, the oldest catholic educational establishment in the west of France, Saint-Stanislas remained steadfastedly at our side to support a vital project for sharing an exceptional heritage and to support the musicians in their hour of need, despite all the cruel events that have deeply shaken all of us.

Finally, the RECORDARA association would like to salute the terrific and benevolent support of our sponsors who enabled us to carry out this beautiful festival. Despite this very complicated period for all of us, they had the will and courage to support a project and to truly support live music and an important platform for Early Music. We thank FRANCÔDIT, the main sponsor of The International Early Music Festival: ‘The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe’ and its director, Eric Franco, as well as its for offering up their time and skills to RECORDARA.

Bravo to Clémentine Epicérie, the Domaine Chéreau Carré and Coeur de Miel who made the musician’s tastebuds dance!

Thank you once again to all of you for supporting this beautiful edifice of living and caring culture!

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, support and generosity, the association can use the money that was collected to carry out a charitable action in line with what RECORDARA aims to work towards: the purchase of a second recorder from an instrument maker who attended the salon! It will be delivered in a few months time…

Since one piece of good news can follow another, before the salon started the association was very happy to be able to provide 10 records of Early Music to a small music school. These were a gift to RECORDARA from the cultural space of E Leclerc Atlantis Le Centre.


Since we do not receive any financial support from the state, any gift that will help to provide further precious support for highly talented young musicians and to share an outstanding cultural heritage is most welcome : (to-make-a-donation)

A new edition packed with delightful surprises awaits you from the 1st to the 3rd October 2021 at the International Early Music Festival ‘The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe’ ) !

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International Early Music Festival ‘The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe’ from the 1st to 3rd October