“Les Polyfolies de la Flûte à Bec et son Univers”

Salon International de Musique Ancienne


Theodoros KOUMARTZIS – Facteur et musicien de lyre ancienne

Theodore Koumartzis is an astounding musician of the ancient lyre and the visionary behind the first interactive Museum of Ancient Music SEIKILO in Thessaloniki. He is constantly traveling around the world giving lectures, live performances and interactive tours in Greek, English and Spanish. He is member of the luthier’s family behind the niche brand LUTHIEROS, responsible for the re-construction of ancient-inspired musical instruments (a joint research venture with two Greek state universities).

What’s more, he is the founder of the music ensemble PAUSIS which focus to reinstate the ancient lyre to its former status, i.e. as the symbol of cultural heritage. Up to now, PAUSIS performed live at many prestigious cultural institutions worldwide such as the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia (Cyprus), the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki (Greece), the Villa Grecque Kerylos (France), and the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Athens (Greece), and it was featured in international media such as BBC4, and Deutsche Welle.

Last, he has released three albums in the last decade with the folk-fusion music band Reggetiko Project, and performed live in Sicily, Istanbul, Nicosia, Bonn, etc, and he had the opportunity to collaborate with iconic musicians such as the Grammy-awarded pianist Milcho Leviev and Ross Daly.